Basic Building Supplies You Need for Building DIY Sheds in Ballina

So, you’ve decided that you need a shed. Everyone needs a shed, right? It could be for your tools, gardening equipment, or to pursue your hobbies. It doesn’t really matter why you need one. What does matter is what kind of shed? Is it going to be made out of steel or the more traditional wooden kind? Are you going to go for ready-made or Do-it-yourself? If you are self-reliant and fancy yourself as a handyman why not go for DIY? We at Sarwood Timbers & Building Supplies have been selling and erecting sheds in Ballina since 1979 and would like to give you a run down on the basic building supplies you need for building DIY sheds.
building supplies to build a shed

  • Once you have made your plan (and have council approval if required), you have to decide on what materials you are going to use. Which is where we come in. We can supply all the materials you need, whether a steel or wooden construction.
  • All sheds need to be set on a base. We can offer the materials for concrete with reinforced steel, or timber flooring. You may want a concrete base with a covering of wooden tongue and groove for insulation and comfort.
  • All sheds need a strong structure so they stay up for many years to come. We have a range of trusses, frames, and rafters to suit your needs. Custom designed sheds aren’t a problem as we cut everything to size. We can even help you with the roof fitting if you require.
  • We supply a selection of doors too.
  • Apart from all that, we also offer skirting, architraves, fascia, and guttering. Proper drainage is important. Weatherproofing is a must and painting will help shield your shed against the elements.

We Have What You Need

Having been supplying materials and building sheds in Ballina for more years than we can count, Sarwood Timbers & Building Supplies will be glad to help you with your DIY shed project. We can supply the best materials, but also good, sound, and friendly advice too. Come along and talk to us, browse around the store, or call us with your queries.