Why You Should Install A Steel Shed in Your Backyard

If you want something more interesting than a standard wooden shed, or are looking for something more practical, then you might consider the option of steel sheds for your Ballina garden. In order to understand how these sheds are high quality and more durable than wood, then you need to speak to Sarwood Timber and Building Supplies. We can offer you some advice about why these metal sheds are best.

steel sheds ballina

How metal is better than wood

Wooden sheds are naturally difficult to install, because they require a lot of arduous work and effort, mostly due to their size and weight. Metal sheds, on the other hand, can be packed into a much smaller carrier and shipped considerable distances. Not only that, but they can be fitted quickly and easily by our teams.

Less maintenance

Another advantage to choosing steel over other types of construction material is that there is a lot less maintenance required. For example, a wooden shed in the yard will need to have preservatives, creosote and even paint in order to keep your wooden shed well maintained and free from rot. Metal sheds require little to no maintenance, so you can get the best product when you buy from Sarwood Timber and Building Supplies.

Choosing an excellent quality steel shed

If you want to make sure that you have the best quality in metal sheds, then you should be looking for a steel shed that is from a well-known manufacturer. At Sarwood Timber and Building Supplies, we can supply you with Ranbuild sheds, which use high quality Australia steel to prevent corrosion of the metal.

Get everything you need with a Ranbuild shed

When you want to reach out to the top suppliers of Ranbuild sheds in the Northern Rivers area, then you should speak to Sarwood Timber and Building Supplies. Our sheds come with galvanised steel structures, Colorbond roofing, all of the pipe and gutter systems, and all of the necessary bolts and fittings.

Get help with your shed today

If you are looking for a dependable supplier of steel sheds in Ballina, then you need to speak to Sarwood Timber and Building Supplies today. We can help you source high quality steel sheds of assorted sizes for your backyard, so contact us and speak to our team about your needs by calling 02-6628-1786.