The Types Of Timber Supplies You Can Find In Ballina

Demand for construction timber is always high in Australia, but when you are searching for timber supplies in Ballina it can be hard to know what you are looking for, or how to find the right material. If you need the help expert teams who can help you to locate the perfect timber for your project, then Sarwood Timbers and Building Supplies can help you to understand the types of timber supplies you might be able to see.

Choosing the right woods

Whether you are planning an extension, or need to construct an entirely new build, you need to find the timber that can help you to make the perfect match with your designs. To understand what you need from the timbers that we supply, we can show you the types of timber that you can find with us.

Pine woods

One of the most common types of timber for house framing, in Australia it can come from cypress, Hoop and Radiata pines. Of these, the first is particularly prized because it is unpopular with termites and can therefore protect the house for longer. Pine is also one of the most inexpensive timbers that Sarwood Timbers and Building Supplies have to offer, so you can get what you need.

timber supplies in ballina


This is another common type of tree in Australia, and they are some of the most affordable types of timber available to buyers in our region. They come in a variety of forms, including spotted gum, ironbark, Blackbutt and Grey box, all of which have different colours and grain patterns with many other options to choose from.

Finding Pre-built timbers

If you want to find easy-to-use timbers, then you may want to talk to Sarwood Timbers and Building Supplies about our constructed timbers, such as Weathertex. This is a product made from Australian hardwoods and can be used to make a number of different structures during house building.

Getting the most from your timbers

To make sure that we can help you find the right timbers for your project, you need to speak to Sarwood Timbers and Building Supplies as soon as you can. Our teams will help you to discuss the timber supplies your Ballina construction needs, so we can provide you with the best set of woods, pre-built timbers and other products to help you with your project. Simply reach out to us today by calling us on 02-6628-1101 now.