Building Sheds in Ballina: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking of building a shed? Why not? Everybody needs sheds in Ballina, surely? Maybe it’s just a place to throw your accumulated junk that you can’t bear to chuck out. Maybe it’s for a hobby such as gardening, restoring old furniture, or doing up cars? A place where you can plan that million dollar heist that you have set your heart on, away from prying eyes? Or simply a man-cave where you can hang out with your mates?

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you want something decent. Not some tumbledown shack, put together with salvaged bits of material. Something that is functional for you needs and looks good to boot. So, what’s it going to be, traditional wooden and rustic or sleek and classy steel? Here at Sarwood Timbers & Building Supplies we can help you with both. So here is, building sheds in Ballina: everything you need to know.

  • If you wish to go the traditional route and build your shed with wood, we can supply the timber for you to build it or we have the frames and trusses that are made to any size. If you don’t want a standardised shed, just show us your plans and measurements and we will customise and deliver the timber to your door. If you are hesitant about using wood because of conservation issues, don’t worry, we have that in hand. Most of the timber that we use is plantation grown. We can supply reclaimed/ recycled timber as well, which means it comes from old houses, bridges and other buildings.
  • If you want your shed to look classier and have extra durability, then go for the sleek steel design. Steel sheds are made of fully galvanised and colorbond steel and Australian made. They come in easy to assemble kits, along with installation plans and manuals. This also includes fasteners, bolts, flashings, and complete guttering system.
  • If you don’t like the idea of going DIY when putting up your shed, we can do the business for you. Our sheds stand on either a reinforced concrete slab or steel/ timber flooring. We can come in and pour the concrete for you, then erect your shed in no time. We also have plenty of snazzy and functional accessories to equip the insides with.

Get A Shed!

At Sarwood Timber & Building Supplies we have been helping people with their construction projects and needs since 1979, so we know what’s what. If you need sheds in Ballina or any kind of building materials, give us a ring or contact us through our message page.